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Miroslav Mogorović program director

Miroslav Mogorović

Miroslav Mogorović was born in 1972 in Zemun, Serbia, he started working as a manager for conventions and festivals at the Sava Center in 1995. In the same year, he started working as well as an assistant director at the Palić Film Festival.

In 1998, he became the Executive Producer of the Palić Film Festival, which in the same year became a European festival with new name: European Film Festival Palić.

In 2002, he became the executive producer of FEST, the largest and oldest film festival in Serbia.

As part of the 34th FEST, he founded Belgrade Industry Meetings B2B, with a focus on EU non-member countries.

In the spring of 2004, together with a group of young film professionals, he founded motion picture company Art & Popcorn.

He has been the program director of the Palić European Film Festival for many years.

Founder and director of DEAD LAKE - Horror and Wine Festival held in the oldest active Serbian Cinema Abazija in Palić, and program director of KMMFF - Kosovo and Metohija International Film Festival.

He has also been a manager of FONTANA Cinema in New Belgrade as well as ABAZIJA Cinema in Palić.

He is a member of the National Council for Culture of the Republic of Serbia, member of the EAVE network, ACE network, as well as a member of EFA (European Film Academy) with the right to vote.



Producer of the IT’S NOT BAD TO BE A MAN, feature film directed by Dušan Kovačević (in


Executive producer of the feature film TAG X, directed by Elka Hauck (in post-production) Chief and Executive Producer of the feature film STRAHINJA, directed by Stefan Arsenijević (in


Minor co-producer of the film THE LAST SERBIAN IN CROATIA, directed by Predrag Ličina


Executive producer of THE ISLANDER, feature film directed by Domagoj Mažuran and Zoran Lisinac.

Executive producer of LIKE A BIRD, short film directed by Michaela Kezele.


Co-producer of DOVLATOV, directed by Alexei German Jr. premiered at Berlinale 2018 - Winner of the SILVER BEAR for the outstanding contribution to the film. Berliner Morgenpost Jury Award


Executive producer of REQUIEM FOR MRS. J, directed by Bojan Vuletić, premiered at the 2017 BERLINALE PANORAMA. Serbian Oscar candidate.


Executive producer of HUMIDITY, directed by Nikola Ljuca. The film took part at 2016 Berlinale  and opened 2016 FEST.


Co - producer of ZVIZDAN, directed by Dalibor Matanić, which had its premiere at Cannes Festival’s program Un Certain Regard.


The executive producer of WE WILL BE WORLD CHAMPIONS, directed by Darko Bajić, a Serbian-Croatian-Slovenian co-production.


Producer of NOBODY'S CHILD, a Serbo-Croatian co-production written and directed by Vuk Ršumović. The film had its world premiere at the Venice Film Festival and won Raro Vide Audience Award for the Best Film, FIPRESCI Award for the Best Film and FEDEOR award for the Best Screenplay.


Serbian co-producer and executive producer of BROTHER DEJAN, Russian-Serbian co-production directed by Bakur Bakuradze.


Executive producer and co-producer of SKY ABOVE US, Dutch-Belgian Serbian co-production - screenplay and direction by Marinus Groothof.


Executive producer of a German-Serbian co-production ENCLAVE directed by Goran Radovanović.


After many years of work, in cooperation with the municipality of New Belgrade, renovated Cinema Fontana was opened. Cinema Fontana, with its program composed of European and children's films, aims to educate audiences, providing insight into European cinemas through a regular cinema program, festivals and retrospectives of European films.


Premiere of the PRACTICAL GUIDE THROUGH BELGRADE WITH SINGING AND CRYING, Serbian-German-French-Croatian-Hungarian co-production. The film had its world premiere at the Karlovy Vary Film Festival, in the East of the West selection. The film was screened at numerous festivals, and in 2013 it won a special jury award at Chungju International Film Festival in South Korea.


Executive producer of Serbian story within the omnibus EASTALGIA, directed by the Ukrainian Daria Onishchenko, as well as the German film MY BEAUTIFUL COUNTRY, directed by Michaela Kezele.


Host of the EAVE Workshop session in Belgrade, the first session held in a non-EU country, and then a member of the EAVE Board.

He founded SOUL FOOD International Sales and Distribution, the first distribution company in Southeast Europe, which very successfully promotes Serbian and Southeast European films during film markets in Berlin and Cannes.


Produces the feature film PRACTICAL GUIDE THROUGH BELGRADE WITH SINGING AND CRYING, directed by Bojan Vuletić.


Co-produced the film CIRCUS COLOMBIA directed by Denis Tanović, which premiered at the opening of the 16th Sarajevo Film Festival.


Executive producer of ORDINARY PEOPLE, directed by Vladimir Perišić. This Franco-Serbian-Swiss co-production premiered at Critics' Week at the Cannes Film Festival In 2009, the film was named the best Serbian film at the 2009 National Film Festival in Novi Sad and the best film at the Sarajevo Film Festival.


Co-producer of UNIVERSAL LOVE, directed by Thomas Woscitz. This Serbian-Austrian-Luxembourg co-production had its premiere at the International 2008 Film Festival Festival in Toronto. The film won the 2009 Max Ophuls Award in Saarbrucken (Germany).


Producer of the documentary FORBIDDEN WITHOUT BAN, Dinko Tucakovic and Milan Nikodijevic. The film deals with the Black Wave film movement, which was the most important and artistically the most significant period of Yugoslav cinematography.


Co-producer and Executive producer of the children's film AGI AND EMA, directed by Milutin Petrović. In the same year he participated in a Serbian-Hungarian-Montenegrin co-production PEŠČANIK, directed by Sabolcs Tolnai. Both films premiered in July 2007, as part of the FEST program, where they received numerous awards.


Line Producer of  POTERA ZA SREĆKOM, a Serbian comedy that had more than 65,000 viewers, and was third on the 2005 payroll.


Together with another co-founder of Art & Popcorn, Stefan Arsenijević, he is working on development of Serbian-German-Austrian-Slovenian co-production LOVE AND OTHER CRIMES. The film was well received by both the audience and the critics. It premiered at the Berlinale, as part of the Panorama Special 2008 program and won numerous awards at various international festivals.


Co-producer of FANTASTIC FAITH, part of the omnibus project LOST AND FOUND, directed by Stefan Arsenijević. LOST AND FOUND opened the Berlinale Forum in 2005.

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