Perpetuum Mobile Band is the cover band from Subotica.

The Njuške band is a band from the South Bačka district (Futog - Begeč - Čelarevo) and consists of experienced musicians: Nenad Pilipović / Chen - vocals, violin, guitar

Milutin Kuljanski - guitar

Nedeljko Petković - bass, backing vocals

Jovan Daljević – drums

Тхе Night Cruisers Band has a couple of years to look back on. We can report on numerous successful events, balls, presentations, weddings, company parties and concerts across Europe. Our repertoire includes classic jazz, evergreen melodies, party music, Hungarian and international hits from the ‘60s, ‘70s and ‘80s, rock, modern music of today and hot latin rhythm.

The Subotica musical group was born out of pragmatic causalities on July 9, 2023. The group plays popular domestic and foreign music based on rock and roll.

Siniša Milodanović - vocalist
Vladimir Rusić - guitar
Uroš Jagodić - bass guitar
Dušan Pualić - drums

The band started working in 1996 in the club "Magnum", where they played every Wednesday covers of bands: Rage against the machine, Faith no more, Nirvana, Primus, Red hot chili peppers, Rollins band, etc. Trip at 7 started creating their songs under the influence of different genres: jazz, funk, soul, punk, reggae, hard core, hip-hop, metal, folk, ska and others, thus becoming a "crossover" band.

Power cover band from Belgrade, playing pop, rock, house, MTV & VH1 hits.

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