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Tue 15 Sep 17:00
Eurocinema, Subotica ON THE QUIET
  • mađarski
  • 1:20
Hungary 2019
Selection : New Hungarian Film
Director: Nagy Zoltán
Writer: Nagy Zoltán, Horváth János Antal
Genre: Drama
Cast: Major Erik, Bognár Lulu, Máté Gábor, Antóci Dorottya, Lengyel Benjámin, Schell Judit, Szamosi Zsófi, Varga Mária, Láng Annamária
Cinematography: Gulyás Nándor
Editing: Kornis Anna
Costume designer: Nyitrai Anna, Katerina Csomor, Lujza Pócsik
Soundtrack: Zombola Péter
Production: Filmfabriq
Producer: Osváth Gábor, Dreissiger László
Filmography: 2016 Enyhén sós; 2015 Kikötö; 2015 Átváltozás; 2014 Otthon van, nincs itt; 2013 Társbérlet
Festivals: 2019 Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival; 2019 Copenhagen East by Southeast Film Festival
18-year-old Dávid is the lead violinist in his music conservatory’s orchestra. His mentor and their conductor Frigyes is sort of a father figure for Dávid. Nóri, a freshman student joins the orchestra at the end of the school year. She enjoys Frigyes’ unlimited attention, thus making her unpopular among her peers, but Dávid soon finds out that the 14-year-old girl’s suspiciously close relationship with their 60-year-old conductor is more than what it seems… While looking for the truth, Dávid's life soon starts to spiral out of control as he faces tough decisions and the adult society's negligence. Back to...

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