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  • 01:32
France, Poland, Switzerland 1994
Selection : European Classics
Director: Krzysztof Kieślowski
Writer: Krzysztof Kieślowski, Krzysztof Piesiewicz
Genre: comedy, drama, romance
Cast: Zbigniew Zamachowski, Julie Delpy, Janusz Gajos. Jerzy Stuhr
Cinematography: Edward Kłosiński
Editing: Urszula Lesiak
Soundtrack: Zbigniew Preisner
Production: MK2 Productions, France 3 Cinéma (Paris), CAB Productions, TOR Productions, Canal+
Producer: Marin Karmitz
Filmography: 1994 Three Colors: Red 1994 Three Colors: White 1993 Three Colors: Blue 1991 Podwójne życie Weroniki/ The Double Life of Véronique 1988 Krótki film o miłości/ A Short Film About Love 1988 Krótki film o zabijaniu/ A Short Film About Killing 1987 Przypadek/ Blind Chance 1985 Bez końca/ No End 1979 Amator/ Camera Buff 1976 The Scar/ Blizna 1975 Personel (first feature-length film)
Festivals: 1994 Berlin International Film Festival 1994 Faro Island Film Festival
Awards: 1994 Berlin International Film Festival - Silver Berlin Bear - Best Director 1994 Faro Island Film Festival - Golden Moon Award - Best Screenplay
A shy man who, after being left by his wife in humiliating circumstances in Paris, loses his money, his residency, and his friends. As a deeply ashamed beggar in Paris, Karol begins his effort to restore equality to his life through revenge.
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