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Bosnia and Herzegovina 2022
Selection : Eco Dox
Director: Lamia Šabić, Luciano Perez Savoy, Diogo Pereira
Writer: Lamia Šabić, Luciano Perez Savoy, Diogo Pereira
Genre: documentary
Cast: Nisret Delibašić, Azra Delibašić, Ferhat Husika, Vahid Husika, Asmir Hasanica
Producer: Majda Ibraković
Filmography: Lamia Šabić: 2020, Myth; 2019, Valley of the Wolf; 2018, Između vode i vatre; 2017, Babylon; 2014, Margaret; Luciano Perez Savoy: 2022, Can Someone Meet Me in Dark Alley?; 2017, M-1; Diogo Pereira: 2017, Espadim
How does the life of a community subordinated to the exploitation and burning of coal over 100 years look like? What’s eft behind? The answers were given to us by locals and nature: orchards and gardens that are no more, rivers that no longer flow, houses whose foundations are buried in mines and people who no longer live in them. Back to...

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