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Serbia 2020
Selection : Eco Dox
Director: Nemanja Babić
Writer: Neda Radulović
Genre: documentary
Cinematography: Andrija Kovač
Editing: Nemanja Babić, Andrija Kovač
Soundtrack: Aleksandra Vrebalov, Nikola Cvijanović, Stanislav Tomić
Sound: Andrija Kovač
Production: Playground produkcija
Producer: Sarita Matijević
Filmography: 2015 Nedodirljivi/ The Unidentified (TV film) 2015 Ulični svirači/ Street Musicians (documentary) 2013 Lopata je mala/ The Shovel Is Too Small (co-director)
Festivals: 2021 Martovski festival, Belgrade
The film explores the relationship between humans and birds and their mutual dependence over time. The focus is on Eurasian griffons – an endangered species of predators that feed on dead animals, also known as vultures. After being almost completely destroyed by humans, vultures in Serbia today survive thanks to constant monitoring – chipping, marking, satellite tracking and organized feeding in the Uvac Nature Reserve. The scientific and artistic views intertwine here, revealing the dystopian/utopian ambivalence of each track – in their quest for ideal coexistence; the humans have created yet another species that depends entirely on their actions. Back to...

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