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Thu 21 Jul 14:00
Eurocinema, Subotica GENTLE
  • 01:32
  • 200 rsd
Hungary 2022
Selection : Official Selection
Director: László Csuja, Anna Nemes
Writer: László Csuja, Anna Nemes
Genre: Drama
Cast: Eszter Csonka, György Turós, Csaba Krisztik
Cinematography: Zágon Nagy
Editing: Attila Csabai
Costume designer: Anna Zsofia Kormos
Soundtrack: Tamas Kreiner
Production: Focusfox Kft
Producer: András Muhi, Gábor Ferenczy
Filmography: László Csuja: 2019 Nine Month War, 2018 Blossom Valley, 2013 A dugulás, 2009 Foszfor, Anna Nemes: 2022 Beauty and the Beast
Festivals: 2022 Sundance Film Festival, 2022 Transilvania International Film Festival
Awards: 2022 Cleveland International Film Festival - George Gund III Memorial Award (The best Central and Eastern European Film)
Edina, a female bodybuilder, is ready to sacrifice everything for the dream she shares with Adam, her partner and trainer: to win the World Championship. The odd love she finds on her way there makes her see the difference between her dreams and her true self. Back to...

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