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Sat 02 Jul 17:00
Eurocinema, Subotica DREAMBUILDERS
  • 01:21
Denmark 2020
Selection : Europe 4 Kids
Director: Kim Hagen Jensen
Genre: animated, adventure, family film
Mina's life takes a turn for the worst when her father's fiancée Helene and her daughter Jenny move into her home. Her new stepsister is obnoxious, which makes Mina very unhappy. She wants her gone! One night, she uncovers an imaginary world full of unusual workers building dreams and a way to navigate them. But interfering with dreams has its consequences, so when Mina goes too far one night, Jenny is unable to wake up.Mina has to enter the Dreamworld again, to confront those she created herself in order to save Jenny and the new family. Back to...

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