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  • 01:45
France 2021
Selection : Eco Dox
Director: Cyril Dion
Writer: Walter Bouvais, Cyril Dion
Genre: documentary
Cast: Bella Lack, Vipulan Puvaneswaran, Anthony Barnosky
Cinematography: Alexandre Léglise
Editing: Sandie Bompar
Soundtrack: Sébastien Hoog , Xavier Polycarpe
Production: CAPA, Bright Bright Bright
Producer: Thomas Bénet, Cyril Dion, Patrick Fournier, Patrice Lorton, Jean-Marie Michel, Céline Roux, Guillaume Thouret
Filmography: 2018, Après demain; 2015, Demain
Festivals: 2022, César Awards, France; 2021, Cannes Film Festival
Awards: 2021, Namur International Festival of French-Speaking Film
Teenagers Bella and Vipulan travel to meet with scientists and activists around the world, searching for another way of living alongside other species, as co-habitants rather than predators. Back to...

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