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Wed 16 Sep 17:00
Eurocinema, Subotica NEITHER WITH YOU
  • Hungarian
  • 1:30
Hungary 2019
Selection : New Hungarian Film
Director: Orosz Dénes
Writer: Orosz Dénes, Várady Zsuzsi
Genre: Komedija, Romantični/ljubavni
Cast: Mészáros Béla, Tenki Réka, Básti Juli, Eszter Ónodi, Áron Molnár, Judit Rezes, György Cserhalmi, Luca Bercovici, Bodrogi Gyula, Boldoghy Borbála, Telekes Péter, Szakács Hajnalka, Pálmai Anna
Cinematography: Fillenz Ádám, H.S.C.
Editing: Kovács Zoltán, HSE
Costume designer: Valcz Gábor
Soundtrack: Csengery Dániel, Csorba Lóránt
Production: T2O, Hungarian National Film Fund w. RTL Hungary
Producer: Tőzsér Attila, Orosz Dénes, Gábor Ferenczy/ T2O
Filmography: 2013 Coming out 2012 Hacktion Újratöltve (TV series) 2009 Poligamy 2005 Melletted 2003 3 mp 2002 Ott vagy még? 2000 Igor 2000 Kulcslyukon surranó szerelem 2000 Idegenek
Gergos mother is obsessed with having a grandchild. She has a serious heart desease and has only days left to live. To give his mum some joy during her final hours, Gergo asks his neighbour Saci, who is five months pregnant, to visit his mother in hospital with him and tell her that she is carrying his child. It all goes smoothly, but a new heart arrives, and mum is operated. Therefore, Gergo and Saci are forced to play the roles of the loving couple. Back to...

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