Eco Dox

Nature has always had inexorable answers on challenges and weaknesses, pointing on mistakes we repeatedly make. Climate changes, we are exposed to at global level, are also one of the warnings we feel more and more clearly.

2014 floods in Serbia made unforeseeable damage. awareness of the general helplessness sneaked into the homes of significant percentage of our population. Predrag Vukosavljević, OBRENOVAC 1003 author, gave us a view of this apocalypse by following the floods that made some kind of “river tsunami“ for the citizens of this town. The film is opening this year’s Eco Dox program, together with

Awareness of general helplessness came into the homes of significant part of population. Predrag Vukosavljević, author of OBRENOVAC 1003 gave us a sight of this apocalypse. The film is opening this year’s Eco Dox program along with more sinister variation on the same theme, Hungarian documentary IT DOESN’T FEEL LIKE HOME. This film features fatality of human role in unparalleled catastrophe of modern Hungarian history, trough portrays of several families, victims of aluminum tailing spill after the dam collapse.

The central point of the program are films that treat the same problem – food production as a dialectic struggle between good and evil. On the one side are producers that works in the symbiosis with the principles of the universe and on the other side ruthless European bureaucracy. Overwhelmed by regulations and various administrative obstacles, basic human activity such as agriculture is subjected under the principles of profit that have no mercy for those who try to survive within organic food production.

There are several examples of cattleman’s and fisherman’s struggle, not with nature, but against state Leviathan that has been out of control of social contract long time ago…

Irish fishermen in TURNING TIDE IN THE LIFE OF MAN are trying to keep their ancestors’ right to fish in their coastal area and, by their struggle, they succeed to get to the European Parliament. In CLOSE ENCOUNTERS OF RURAL KIND Hungarian alternative farmers are trying to animate urban youth to go for agriculture. Danish farmer, protagonist of ALL GOOD THINGS AWAIT, in his effort to preserve bio-dynamic method of native cattle breeding, conflicts with bureaucracy, and authors of GLOBAL MENU point at dramatic situation of the world concerning food production.

PEARL BUTTON by Patricio Guzman, veteran of poetic documentaries, succeeds the frame of the program – it is a visual essay on metaphysics of the ocean and its aboriginals – nomads who lived on water. In some moments Guzman recalls the motifs of his early works: the role of Pinochet regime in shaping of modern Chile and its nature (NOSTALGIA FOR THE LIGHT). Anthropological documentary MY NAME IS SALT, that reveals hard life in Indian salt production somewhere in wasteland far from modern world, closes this year’s Eco Dox.

Programmer Igor Toholj