The strongest voices of Spanish experimental cinema are considered to be rather lone wolfs. Pere Portabella, Antoni Padrós, Zulueta, or above all, the enigmatic Val del Omar. Lifted up by the spirit of incommensurable genius from Granada, our laureate filmmakers found their creative shelter, their own P.L.A.T., in the interrelation of talents, and in the common vision –sometimes even entwined- of the national reality. Without losing their individuality they coincide in apocalyptic sights, past futures, and realities that don’t exist, all with a scathing point of view, and vivid sense of irony.

The scam of financial crisis laid bare; it shows a state transformed into an ideal space for a dystopia. The demolition of the former cultural system dried out to some directors, gives out the necessary rubble to a new generation of filmmakers to build up the portrait of Spain, of a country that could seem like a macabre joke to our ancestors. But their creative impulse isn’t circumstantial or contextual, moreover the nudity of this swindle underline their arguments. If UFO’s explained the Cold War in the 50’s films, in the Spain of the “Gag Law” the sci-fi is the best explanation of the daily life.

Javier Garcia Puerto, film&video curator

The retrospective for Underground Spirit laureates consists of features ANDROIDS DREAM by Ion de Sosa (Berlinale Forum 2015), CRUMBS by Miguel Llanso (Rotterdam 2015), and shorts by Chema Garcia Ibarra and Velasco Broca. EL FUTURO by Luis Lopez Carrasco was screened at last year’s edition of European Film Festival Palić.

Panel discussion on New Wave of Spanish Film with all five authors present, moderated by Spanish critic and programmer Xavi Garcia Puerto and European Film Festival programmer Petar Mitrić takes place on July 21, at the reconstructed cinema theater Abazija in Palić.