PPP Nove ore dopo

Ilija Šoškić’s exhibition „PPP Nove ore dopo“ (19-24.07.2015 from 7pm to 12 pm), dedicated to famous Italian director and writer Pier Paolo Pasolini, in Abazija Cinema in Palić consists of 15 photographs shot 9 hours after Pasolini was assassinated, at the location where his body was found.

On Pasolini and the exhibition Ilija Šoškić says: “He, Pier Paolo Pasolini was my neighbor. We used to go to the Perù bar in Monserato street, near to the GAP, International Fluxus Gallery. On the other side of the Flower Field, in Paradizo street there was, and still is, legendary Attiko Gallery. That was Roman ambiance of avant-garde. I considered Pasolini multiple genius, illogical and self-destructing. That is the frame of sixties/seventies second avant-garde, that raised art and culture to the highest level, but also to the extremes, which made it self-destructive: the price avant-garde pays for its character, due to exploring the „breath above“.
On 2 November, 1975 after I heard some quite confusing news. I decided to wait until morning and travel to the scene. It was a swamp in Idroskalo region, with small football pitch of Pasolini and his „life boys“. I was there at 11. I found boys playing football, ready to be shot! Tragedy took place at the corner of the pitch, now marked by stones and bricks (found around the place), and with some choke. A „mausoleum“ was built, with the cross on the top, made of two pieces of wood found on the garbage, and with title „Pier P. Pasolini“. That was the scenery of an artist’s calvary . Arhimedes’ Assassination crossed my mind as well as the cynicism of an imperfect civilization”.

Ilija Šoškić (1935) is an Yugoslav artist of a Montenegrin origin. His artistic experience starts back in 1969. when he exhibit together with Emilio Villa at Diamond Museum, Visual Art Center, Ferrara 1972. He has always been creating art that „emerges and lives on the contemporary impulses, aiming to preserve memories.“ From those time to present days Ilija Šoškić has exhibited in countless occasions.

The exhibition will be opened on 19.07. at 7pm