The concept of the exhibition is to present a collection of photographs from the best films of Slovak cinema. The best films from the best period. It’s a collection composed of pictures that can be found in The Best of Slovak Film 1921-1991 publication by Peter Hames, published by the Slovak Film Institute in 2013.

The exhibition is framed by the year 1962, when the most significant and the establishing film of the Czechoslovak New Wave was born – THE SUN IN A NET by Štefan Uher. From that moment on, the creative energy of the new wave in Slovak film culminates during „Golden Sixties“, reaching its peak at the end of the decade.

The authors of photographs are all famous photographers of Slovak cinema – Zuzana Mináčová, Anton Podstránský, Milan Kordoš, Margita Skoumalová, Vladimír Vavrek and others.

Open University Gallery, 19-24.07.2015 from 8:00h to 21:00h

Exhibition will be oppened on 19.07. at 5pm