Everything on the Summer Stage is unique experience: film, theater performance, concert, an we ourselves as well, wrote Boško Krstić, one of the founders of the Festival, the central cultural happening of the region for more than two decades now. The number of spectators per screening exceeds the number of Subotica’s cinema and theater audience per week. Part of the Festival’s success belongs to this magical open theater, created 65 years ago, in rather peculiar times. The beginning of the fifties was the time of a great scarcity and strained relations with neighboring countries.

Building materials and architecture style are not characteristic for this area. Stone from Fruška Gora and century-old forest compile a place where sensuality awakens.

Formation, search and retrieval of this interesting building’s soul is the theme of the exhibition and film SUMMER STAGE – 65 YEARS.

Summer Stage, 18-24.07.2015 from 8pm to 12pm