Sunday 19 July

String quartet

This ensemble consists of violinist Robert Lakatos and Bojan Glušica, violist Joseph Bisak and cellist  Marko Miletic.

In the second night of the festival these Artists will perform film music and music of the famous musical and theatrical pieces in the arrangement for string quartet. The repertoire includes works such as music from the Godfather, Scent of a Woman, Once Upon A Time In The West, Schindler’s List, Pirates of  the Caribbean, Underground and other compositions of the same genre.

Organizers: European Film Festival Palić and “Electe” organization

Performer: String quartet

Location: Muzički paviljon, Palić

Time: 19:30h


Monday 20 July



Concert performance of Aleksandar Lifka’s film music and film screenings on a great cinematographer at the Grand Terrace, Palić

„The idea of a multimedia performance about Alexander Lifka immerged at the moment I got his music notes in my hands. Mrs. Edita Evetović, Aleksandar Lifka’s adopted daughter, gave me her blessing. So this performance is dedicates to both, 135 anniversary of famous cinematographer and composer’s birth and Mrs. Edita Evetović „. Gabor Lengyel


  1. Aleksandar Lifka:

Compositions for piano – Aniko Kis, Piano

Compositions for brass orchestra – Istvan Harkai, bandmaster


  1. Songs about Aleksandar Lifka

Compozition and lirics – Szabo Robert

Orchestration – Gabor Lengyel

Soloist – Gabrijela Jonas

  1. Hommage a Lifka (documentary)

Director – Karolj Viček

  1. Elizabeth

Compositiona – Aleksandar Lifka

Orchestracition Gabor Lengyel

Soloist – Miloš Nikolić (violin)

  1. Omage Aleksandar Lifka (documentary)

Director – Zoltan Siflis

  1. Unfinished opus

Composition – Aleksandar Lifka

Orchestration Gabor Lengyel

Performers: Gabor Lengyel – kyboards

Nenad Došenović – guitar

Vilmoš Fekete – percussions

  1. Lifka

Composition – Gabor Lengyel

Lirics – Marija Šimoković

Orchestration – Gabor Lengyel

Soloist – Gordana Vidaković

  1. Lifka Cinema (documentary)

Director – Branislav Todorović Klinić



Location: Great Terrace, Palic

Time: 19h


Wednesday 22 July

Piano Concert by Branka Parlić and Nataša Penezić

Philip Glass is one of the most influential American composers. His Etudes are miniatures takes special place in the recent piano music, as an example of a specific approach to this form. They are communicative and likable with its minimalist pulse and extended harmonic language. Etudes were created with the aim to develop the skill of playing the piano. Written during almost two decades, they mirror the changes in the expression of the composer.

Two pianists of different generations and musical sensibilities and opinions, present their interpretation of the score, and the diversity within the framework of classical forms, is what makes this project unique.


Branka Parlic photo Natasa Penezic photo

Organizers: Europena Film Festival Palić and “Electe” organization



Performer: Branka Parlić and Nataša Penezić

Location: Velika većnica Gradske kuće, Subotica

Time: 19:00h