Film Reviews

„Entertaining” war drama

Zoltán Füle, known to the public as the presenter of the TV show „Fix“, as an independent filmmaker, director of the achievement DEAR ELZA!, film about World War II where we are being told a fictional story, in which the authors have woven in „legends of the war told to them by their grandparents“. The story begins in 1942 and tells a story about a

Reduced cruelty

Feature debut CHILDREN by Jaroslav Vojtek brought him three awards at a festival in Beijing. Thematically and structurally treating the complex relationships within a family, especially the ones between parents and children, the author achieved a reduced, raw and cruel discourse. Its main intention is a different articulation of those and suchlike relationships. This omnibus consists of four segments (“Son”, “Marathon”, “Canary” and “Father”), in which

''Tondo'' Lucifer

Made in the recently invented technique called Tondoscope, which produces circular images through a convex mirror and a camera window with a prototype of a very soft lens which gives the picture a very soft focus, mild colours and luminosity, the film LUCIFER, the third part of the trilogy on religious topics by the Belgian experimenter and film innovator Gust Van den Berghe, is a

Bez dramaturškog daha

Film DOK BEZ DAHA NE OSTANEM mlade turske rediteljke Emine Emel Balči slab je pokušaj da se izgradi kakva-takva socijalna drama koja će u fokus staviti probleme u odnosima između odrasle ćerke i njenog problematičnog oca. Od početka ništa ne funkcioniše, ne samo u načinu na koji glavna protagonistkinja gradi svoj bledi lik, a rediteljka

Undilutet age of adolescence

Film LUMEA E A MEA (THE WORLD IS MINE) follows step by step a crazed life of a teenage girl caught up in the success that provide money and sex appeal, in an illusion of reality that is created by aphrodisiacs and psychotropic substances, all of which she is misusing in a naive and stupid way. Director Nicolae Constantin Tanase and playwright Raluca Mănescu focus

The Gulls works as curiosity, lacks as a coherent story

Ella Manzheeva’s debut feature The Gulls is a worthwhile watch for two distinct reasons. One of them is that it was filmed in Kalmykia, a Southern region of Russia, which can rattle one’s internal compass of geography and cultural anthropology: the citizens are clearly of Asian descent but speak Russian, follow Buddhism, drink vodka, and

The end. And the beginning

Shown on numerous world festivals, winner of the “East of the West” award in Karlovy Vary, the gloomy film MIRACLE is a bleak social drama, its protagonist is 15 year old  Ela (Mihaela Bendulova) who is placed to a juvenile home under the influence of pills by her mother and her mother’s boyfriend. The girl meets her doom: she’s pregnant, uneducated, without means for living,

A reckless piece about the birth of a culture

B-MOVIE: LUST AND SOUND IN WEST BERLIN is not a film about the music scene of West Berlin in the period from 1979 to 1989 in which the surviving protagonists of the scene, more or less cool, narrate into the camera their (blurry) memories, and whose testimony is intersected with documentary footage of concerts and events. No, this is a reckless, grandiose and unique piece

A warm family story

An intimate drama about old age people, by the Belgrade director Marko Novaković, had its premiere last night within the official selection Parallels and Encounters. In the focus of the story is Slaviša Petronijević, a retired professor of neuropsychiatry, played by Vlastimir Đuza Stojiljković, who is slowly being eroded by Alzheimer’s disease, which turns him into a burden for his family. He tries to resist


Raw reality Economic migration and various forms of sexual exploitation are the general places of East European cinematographies. So this Slovak nominee for Oscars articulates the destiny of a young Roma girl Dorotka (Dorota Billá) who, guided by an existential urge, goes to a little town on the Czech-German border and gets a job in a textile factory in hope that it would save her