18-07-2010 16:13:47

Although Gavras won't be able to attend this year's Festival, in an interview for the Festival Newspaper he tells about Lifka, political being he cherishes, (non)existence of Eden in the West, his cult film Z, and relationship between Europe and America.

- Since you have received most significant film awards such as Oscar, Golden Palm, Golden Globe, etc., what does the Aleksandar Lifka Award of the European Film Festival Palić mean to you?
Each prize brings glory, confusion and danger which may result in complacency and narcissism. I have gladly accepted the Aleksandar Lifka Award because the name of this cinema pioneer evokes in my mind virtues of talent, modesty, work and a great curiosity that led him to several European countries. I have great respect for Lifka, as a man and an artist.

- You are considered the originator of the European political film. All your films are politically engaged. One of our national philosophers wrote a book entitled "Politics as Destiny". Is politics your destiny, too?
Unfortunately, I am not familiar with this book, but I would like to read it. Roland Barthes wrote: "Film in general is about politics. There is politics in every film. We can analyze all films in terms of politics." Long before him, Aristotle wrote: "People are political beings because they have a word which allows justice and injustice to combine."

- Like (almost) all major European directors, you have worked in Hollywood, too (MAD CITY, BETRAYED, MISSING). Could you compare your European and American experience, and generally speaking, how do you see the difference between European and American (especially Hollywood) films?
At shootings in the US there are much more crackers, candies and soda-water than here in Europe, and there are many people, too. However, the same passion, determination and talent behind and in front of the camera are necessary in order to make a good film.

- Your latest film EDEN A L'OUEST is a story of the emigrant Elias, a kind of a modern Odysseus, who is trying to reach Paris . Is it autobiographical in a certain way?
EDEN A L'OUEST is not an autobiographical film. I was a legal immigrant with a visa. However, my experience of an immigrant without money was crucial to making a film in this way and not another. The same as for the hero the film, my America is France.

- Of course, we have to mention your legendary film "Z", which has made you world famous. What is your view of that film today, decades later?
To make the film Z meant to act, which applies to my other films as well. And to act, meant to keep my integrity and tell what I see and feel. The Z is 41 years old. Films, like people, die, disappear. I am touched and in disbelief when I hear from those who have recently seen it all around the world, that they consider it up-to-date. But it is also sad because it tells about the state of our societies.

- Which Serbian filmmakers do you know?
We don't see many Serbian films in France. Nevertheless, Paris is the city where you can see most films from around the world. I am familiar with the work of Emir Kusturica, and to somewhat lesser extent with Vladimir Perišić, Goran Marković and Goran Paskaljević.

đorđe Kuburić


21-07-2010 17:03:08

Next year, on the 100th anniversary of the first permanent cinema in Subotica, a scientific almanac will be published devoted to Aleksandar Lifka - concluded participants of yesterday's round table, who talked about Lifka, his works and deeds.


19-07-2010 16:05:11

The question regarding the future of the European Film Festival Palić was raised at the round table discussion yesterday at the JP Park Palić, when Dinko Tucaković, the host, asked the participants of the discussion when the cinema theatres in Subotica and Serbia died out, letting film festivals take their place. How should one balance between its royal highness - the Film, which has to stay at the very focus of the Festival, unavoidable accompanying programmes and festival atmosphere, which is necessary but not a goal itself, asked Tucaković.


11-06-2010 20:58:42
Newly Constituted Festival Council

On Friday, 26th February, the Council of the European Film Festival Palić held a meeting. On that occasion, a new Festival Council was constituted, composed of: Srđan Karanović, Mira Banjac, Branislav Lečić, Szabolcs Tolnai, Ferenc Deak, Zoltan Siflis and Ivan Vujić. The meeting was also attended by Radoslav Zelenović, the Festival director, Blazo Perović on behalf of the Open University as the executive producer of the Festival, Miroslav Mogorović, a programme director, and Petar Mitrić, a representative of the selection team.


06-08-2009 09:07:21

NO BUSINESS LIKE MONKEY BUSINESS This past week I spent five days in Palic, Serbia, at the only strictly European film festival in the world, now in its 16th year. I premiered my latest film, Boudica Bites Back, starring my wife Lisi, pictured below, at a giant outdoor screening. Ninety-four films are screened over an official seven days, with 19 extra days showing pre and post-festival films for the festival hardcores who can’t bear to go home. The musician Mick Harvey, co-founder with Nick Cave of the Bad Seeds, was also there.


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